New York Life and the American Dream


In the struggles of today’s society, it seems fashionable for some to claim that our country’s founding belief, our mission statement, the “American Dream,” has all but disappeared. I couldn’t disagree more!  I spent the past week at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas at New York Life’s President’s Council Meeting. In fact, after spending the last eighteen years at these events with my New York Life family, I can assure you that the American Dream is still very much alive!

As Americans, we believe in the power of the individual to change our own lives, and when we go about doing that, we end up changing the world. Americans are constantly in motion. Americans are problem solvers. We see something we think we can do better, and we do it. We invent, we build, we rebuild, we tinker, we take risks, and in the end, we make the world better.

The demise of the American Dream is not a new topic. Growing up in the 1960’s, it seemed the Soviet Union was much more cohesive than America, and there were a lot of U.S. college students who wanted to join them. In the 1970’s, the Arabs owned us. In the 1980’s it was the Japanese. Now it’s China. Still, the Dream Goes On!

I recently read in the Wall Street Journal that there are 24.7 million small businesses who create around 70% of all new jobs in the US. That is a perfect picture of the continuing vibrancy of the American spirit and the American Dream.

Look, our economy has some problems but America remains a place where it’s possible to achieve the American Dream as long as you’re willing to TRY to achieve it.

I heard New York Life’s Chairman, CEO and President, Ted Mathas, speak about the incredible success of his company. I witnessed the passion and dedication of thousands of “self-started” NYLIC agents.  This is the real America.  I am more sure than ever that Americans continue to write their own destinies and that the American Dream is still very much alive!

Composer John Williams says it brilliantly in his song, “America, the Dream Goes On!”

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2 thoughts on “New York Life and the American Dream

  1. Kelly, I had the exceptional opportunity to meet and hear you at New York Life’s Managing Partners meeting in Marco Island. You are a highly talented man in both your signing and the man that you are. I wish you all the best in your continued success .