Happy Veterans Day

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On November 4, 1979, fifty-two Americans were taken hostage and held for 444 days (to January 20, 1981), after a group of Iranian students supporting the Iranian Revolution took over the US Embassy inTehran. (You may have seen the movie Argo.) I was stationed on board the USS Reasoner FF-1063 in the South Pacific, in route to Australia, when we were ordered to head for the Indian Ocean. We steamed off the coast of Iran for sixty-nine days. One of my jobs was to plot on a map the location and movement of Soviet ships. Tensions were very high. There are many similarities between the current unrest in Iran and the events that led up to that country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. I am a proud Veteran of the US Navy!

In honor of Veterans Day here is SEVEN’s Salute To the Armed Forces.

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One thought on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. Wow! I stumbled across your page searching for the USS Reasoner! I was there with you brother! BT 2 Bubba was the name then. The Lord work in very mysterious ways huh? Keep on praising my friend.