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6 thoughts on “CLIENTS

  1. Kelly, I love your site. You always do a great job. I have a conservative comedy website you may enjoy? Check it out @ Thanks, see you next year in the Bahamas.
    Scott Cleveland
    NYL – MP – Idaho

  2. Kelly, I had the privilege of hearing you sing at a funeral service last Friday at the Freeman Harris funeral home. I was absolutely awe-struck, as was every one else.
    And singing without accompaniment, no less. I wanted so badly to clap after each of your songs. It was such a joy to hear you perform !

  3. Dear Kelly,
    I was perusing YouTube yesterday when your name came to mind and so I made a search for you and was pleasantly surprised to find a few of your musical offerings that you had uploaded.
    The reason that I know of you is that at least 20 years ago my wife Marilyn and I worked in the Abundant Prayer Group at ORU under Q.R. and Jewel Ridenour (now that was a real trip!) and we would listen to you singing with the ORU Singers along with Cheryl Pruitt Salem while we were down at the TV set.
    Eventually we joined FUMC and the choir shortly before Joseph became choir director and that is how we came to hear and see more of you. I sang very badly in the tenor section of which you lead section training. My wife sang soprano.
    Being part of FUMC was one of the best times of our lives and we sorely miss it.
    We have been living in Savannah, Joseph’s home town, for the last 18 years since we left Tulsa. I am now 73 and to my mathematics you must be around 55. We have never had reason to return to Tulsa but many wonderful memories of the city and the folks at FUMC.
    Best regards,
    Joel Paskauskas
    P.S. Are your parents well?

  4. Kelly!

    We’ve heard great things about you and your beautiful voice! Will you be able to visit with me regarding your availability to sing the National Anthem at Helmerich & Payne’s Service Awards breakfast on October 12th? You can reach me at (918) 588-5343.